Clouded Judgement

Running from temptation has been an ongoing battle throughout my life. Choosing to set myself apart from the crowd, as one of God’s daughters, which to most would seem like a very easy and not so much conflicting task. It is a daily struggle to live up to what “others think” Christians “should be”. When Christians are known more for being anti-gay, judgmental and hypocritical over being loving, kind, gracious, patient and self-giving, we can say with a good degree of confidence that we are not following Jesus well. In fact, I think that it would be safe to say in some cases we are not following him at all.

We as Christians, have become content with associating with Jesus as a religious figure, but not following Him as Lord and King. Following Jesus is not about following certain verses, though Scripture will always be the primary place that we go to learn more about Jesus. Instead, following Jesus is about the way, style, mood and ethos of following Jesus that pays attention to the verses but ultimately seeks the Spirit of Jesus within them.

When Christians are recognized more for where they stand on certain issue in contemporary society than our love for God and thy neighbor, we have a huge problem to deal with. The primary issue is that of an identity crisis. The worst thing that can happen is when we believe we are Christians by virtue of our association with Christianity as one religion among many, yet look, sound and act in a way contrary to our leader – Jesus.

We need a Christianity that is defined not by our position on a certain political issue, but one that is ultimately defined by Jesus. We need Christianity that looks and sounds like Jesus. Certainly we have more to offer to the world in His name, than this.

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