What they didn’t tell me about becoming a ‘Teenaged Parent’

1. It’s not about you anymore.

Don’t sit and think about all of those moments you may have missed growing up, but the moments you will gain in the future. Such as: Being young enough to do things with your kids that older parents don’t have the ability to do, More time with your future grandchildren, etc.

There’s always a brighter side to every situation that you may come across.

2. You and your child will have a different type of bond than most.

I had my daughter when I was 16 years old. I am almost 23 now and she’s almost 6. While she grew, little did I know – I was growing too. When I look at her, memories of how I had thought repeatedly to myself, “I literally have absolutely NO idea what I am doing”, pass through my mind. I have accomplished and learned so much since then.

3. You’ll lose a lot of friends and that’s OK.

There’s days where you will not have the time to hang out with your friends like you used too. Your friend will quit inviting you to things, or possibly stop associating with you all together. This is the part where you learn who your true friends are. Don’t worry, you’ll make new friends called, “Mommy friends” which involves play dates!

4. It’s alright to question your parenting.

The best moms are the ones who feel like they are never exactly how they “should be”. That means that you care enough about your child to be willing to give them and teach them about the entire universe and more! Remember, it’s okay to cry while eating that tub of ice cream after putting your sleeping angels to bed after a long hard day! We are all Mom-bies at some point.

5. Never say that you’re too busy to make something of yourself.

Yes. I said it! If you plan to be a stay at home mom that is perfectly OK, but never feel like that is the only option you have! There are a variety of college courses that are offered online, so if you’re waiting for your little one to be old enough to detach from the hip, why not get a few certificates and degrees along the way! Plan for the future, not only for yourself, but for your child.

6. Parenting is nothing like what is showed on the show “Teen Mom”.

The show “Teen Mom” is overly exaggerated in many ways. Although, it is a struggle, those moms were probably making bank to give you the image of “how being a teen parent is a horrible thing.” Not even realizing it, the only thing the show actually did for teens was promote teen pregnancy. Sounds crazy right? But what the teens actually saw was how the ‘rare few’ ended up having an easy life after having a baby, not necessarily through the show but through social media.



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